Humus per la Biosfera

Environmental Education, Humus producing measures, and Public Relations in Sicily

The foundation Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung initiates a two-year climate protection project in late summer 2021, funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment as part of its EUKI programme. The implementation will be carried out with our long-term partner Giacche Verdi Bronte accompanied by the University of Catania and will involve volunteers and students. Around the topic of humus as a carbon store, we carry out environmental education and awareness campaigns, and scientifically accompanied field studies.


For the small-scale river valleys of Mount Etna in Sicily, which represent an important ecocorridor between three nature parks for the wildcat and other species, we are planning to establish a biosphere reserve together with 27 municipalities and other stakeholders. The existing network, which includes around 100 farms, will be involved in this project.

Project activities

We are testing and communicating humus building on farms and gardens through the return of organic matter to the soils and specific farming practices that sequester carbon and enrich the biodiversity and fertility of the soil. Together with scientists and farmers, we implement good practices for climate and biodiversity friendly organic agriculture on our own experimental sites, contributing to Sicily's strategic plan for the new agricultural policy (CAP).

Within a campaign to raise awareness of the value of humus, we advise authorities on the establishment of a regional composting system for organic waste. Environmental education reaches approximately 3,000 school children and their families. In two steps, lessons take place in the school classroom and composting sites are established in schoolyards. Through public relations, we encourage households to compost their own organic waste.

Volunteers and interns from (mostly European) foreign countries take part in all activities - as helpers, students and creative contributors, who will carry new insights and experiences as multipliers back to their home countries.

Ongoing photo documentaries on the project