Voluntary Service in Sicily

Nature conservation and Environmental education in the Etna Region

Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung offers young volunteers and students, together with the European Voluntary Service (European Solidarity Corps ESC) and through the ERASMUS programme, the opportunity to get involved in nature conservation and environmental education in Sicily. ESC volunteers are sent to Sicily for a whole year, and student internships or exam papers can be completed for a shorter period of time.


Europe Report "Sicily off the beaten track - Where young volunteers experience adventure" [in German]  

"Italy: The fallow granary" [in German]

Call for students: agroecology and forestry 

Photo documentation about the project "Humus per la biosfera"

The Project

Our cooperation partner Giacche Verdi Bronte accommodates and looks after the young people and involves them in its or our joint projects. Depending on the current activity of the NGO, but also depending on the competence, interest or initiative of the volunteers themselves, they are active in areas such as environmental education and public relations, help with reforestation, organic farming or landscape conservation, survey flora and fauna, carry out research activities in the office, write articles for the homepage, write reports or give English lessons in the village. They receive support in terms of content, language and organisation and also meet volunteers from other nations within the NGO.

The Philosophy

A voluntary year abroad is a work assignment that directly serves the personal development of each volunteer. In addition to strengthening the personality, the volunteer 's professional knowledge, Italian language and understanding of the host country are deepened. The volunteers are encouraged to contribute their own initiative and creativity to the projects and thus get to know and develop their own skills better. Empathy and solidarity towards the local population as well as imagination, self-confidence and energy are strengthened.

The volunteers are a real asset to Bronte! In this village far off the main tourist routes, cultural exchange is very welcome, especially among young people. The volunteer work promotes a higher appreciation of voluntary service in general and in particular for the environmental protection and  nature conservation. The projects demonstrate to the children of Bronte the many perspectives of their future and will motivate them to deal with the ecological challenges of today and climate change and can thus be inspired to a sustainable way of life. With the volunteers, the children experience solidarity, appreciation and interest of their home country, and they benefit from the intercultural exchange.  

Further Information

Our projects "Humus per la Bisofera", "Man and Biosphere in the Etna Region"

Our partner Giacce Verdi www.giaccheverdibronte.it

ERASMUS+: EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.
We accept applications from European students for a traineeship on an ongoing basis.                      

European Solidarity Corps: Volunteering activities for German longterm volunteers.