Moorschutz Russland

Kranich, Moorschutz Russland

Motherland of the Cranes

Peatlands - North of Moscow

In Russia the Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation finds great potential in restoring wetlands and saving biodiversity while cutting carbon emissions. Russian peatlands store major amounts of carbon, the highest in Europe. Rewetting large peatland areas offers the golden opportunity to support protection and development of endangered biotopes and species.   

The Project
Cranes are particularly drawn to wetlands for breeding. Intact or rewetted peatlands are just the right habitats for this species as conservation work in Germany already demonstrated. The Crane Motherland project in Taldom is located about 80 km north of Moscow (see map). The Crane has been chosen as a key flagship species, representing a wide suite of conservation objectives.

In this project we cooperate with our partner “Birds Russia”, a newly founded nature organisation that meets the challenge to protect nature in post perestroika Russian Federation. Our Foundation supports the engagement of “Birds Russia” and also enlisted the German BirdLife partner NABU. The first rewetting project covers about 30 hectares and is located in the  ‘Boblik’ area at the outskirts of the protection area „Motherland of the Cranes“. Besides Cranes, also the Greater Spotted Eagle, Greenshank and many others will benefit from the measures. Additionally nesting platforms will help and strengthen the local eagle population.

More projects are being supported in neighbouring Pasad Greg’ory. In Taldom the financial support of the foundation also helps to build a conservation centre. Its main assignment is to improve the image of peatlands and its ecosystem values and to revise the still widespread image of waste land. In the cut peatland area of Tugoleeskiy, 200 hectares are being rewetted to support typical peatland species such as Black Grouse and to stop periodically blazing fires.

Further informations: Paper on Rewetting the Vinogradovo Floodplain, Moscow Region